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What Workouts Burn Belly Fat

    Here are the best exercises and workouts for losing belly fat, according to personal trainers. Here is an all-in-one guide on the seven workout routines that can get your stomach fat down. Scroll down to find out the best exercises for burning belly fat, and try incorporating a few into your HIIT routine, doing as many reps as you can in 30 seconds, and resting for 30 seconds before moving onto the next exercise.

    A super easy aerobic exercise that helps to burn belly fat and keep your body healthy. Being regular and cycling could really work to reduce the fat on your stomach. Here are some of the best exercises and workouts that you can include at the gym in order to get your tummy flat and shed your belly fat permanently.

    If you are looking to shed body fat and return your body to a healthier body percentage, then your training should involve a mix of cardio and weight training. Instead of spending hours doing seated exercises and crunches at the gym, you are better off focussing on exercises that incorporate both aerobic and strength training, and also focus on targeting the core. While it is true that exercises focused on your core are a great way to get ripped, performing whole-body strength-training movements can help you achieve your goal of burning fat more quickly than if you focused solely on ab exercises. In other words, losing weight and cutting down on body fat is the only way to truly cut down belly fat, and, despite what you might have heard, specifically targeting the abdominals with exercises is not the answer.

    Studies have even shown that abdominal exercises alone do not affect belly fat below the skin. Even if you are unwilling to engage in either HIIE or resistance training, studies show that simply taking a brisk daily walk also can be effective at decreasing stomach and overall body fat (31, 32). Aerobic (cardio) exercises can be effective for targeting visceral belly fat as well (21). Moderate to heavy intensity exercises can decrease stomach fat mass, as compared with aerobic exercises at lower intensities or resistance exercises (22 23 ).

    Studies have shown that individuals can lose stomach fat with either moderate- to vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise, provided that a caloric deficit is maintained (44, 45 ). It may seem like a great idea to simply continue on to intensive weight training, or jump straight into intensive workouts, in order to lose stomach fat, but this is highly risky. Playing it safe is the reason that sticking with a healthy, balanced diet (with few to no processed carbohydrates) alongside your workout routine is crucial for getting rid of that stubborn belly fat. If you want to truly show off a toned midsection, you need to be eating a balanced diet of all the good fats, not starving yourself.

    You cannot out-train a poor diet, and you never lose weight if the calories you put in are higher than the calories you take out. For that, you have to constantly monitor your caloric intake, as well as regularly engage in exercises that burn more calories. If you are not eating well, have reached your menopausal period, or are not losing weight, these exercises are what you need to be doing. This will make sure that you are doing exercises correctly, and you will get the benefits of losing more fat in a healthy way.

    In fact, you are much more likely to lose fat when you are doing different exercises. You will want to pair your fat-burning workouts with low-calorie diets in order to maximize your training results. Instead, this program is made up of high-intensity exercises that target all the main muscle groups, helping you shed excess body fat. Training only a couple of muscles at a time does not challenge the rest of your body or help you to burn fat, nor is it entirely time-efficient.

    This is a challenging style of training, and given the diversity of exercises you are going to do, you will want to warm up muscles throughout the body in order to do your best work and to mitigate any injury risks. Sure, these types of exercises will help to build your ab muscles, and they can even tone them, but it is not going to move your layer of fat over top. When you concentrate on those muscles and work on them, you will inevitably get all that extra belly fat off. Once you get going, you will notice that the extra body fat goes away after a while.

    In simple terms, agreeing means if you are going to lose belly fat, you are going to have to lose body fat everywhere else, and doctors advise ramping up physical activity in order to accomplish this weight loss. The last one is important, because if you just lose weight by eating less, you are losing lean mass along with your fat, and this could lower your metabolism. We get specific tips on dieting for shifting belly fat in the back of this post, but a general suggestion that may be helpful in losing weight is adopting a relatively protein-rich diet, particularly if you are exercising regularly and you need to keep muscle while losing fat. If you were putting off exercising to lose belly size by the prospect of endless sit-ups, good news: There is no sit-up in sight in this plan — mostly because you cannot really lose fat from one area through a specific exercise.

    Simply put, crushing endless repetitions of sit-ups is not going to make a true difference on belly fat, according to research published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning. Instead of working out for hours on end or running a few miles, doing shorter bursts of intense activity is incredibly beneficial in cutting down on fat that is resistant to change, according to a recent study (2),(4). Studies show that you should strive for a minimum of 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day in order to help with fat loss from the abdomen and liver, and there are many ways that you can accomplish this regardless of your age, fitness level, or abilities. That is not to say that the exercises below–a blend of whole-body movements that require bucket loads of effort–will not start to reduce your body fat almost immediately, and over time, will trim away fat from around your belly, exposing your muscle groups.


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