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What Foods Burn Fat?

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    While no one food can really burn fat, there are some foods that can help you reach caloric deficits and slim down. If you are looking for fat-burning weight-loss foods, they contain significant amounts of calories, so are best enjoyed in moderation. There is not a single food that burns fat exclusively and fixes all of your weight-related struggles, however, there are plenty of foods that can boost your metabolism and support your weight-loss efforts. Highly processed foods may make maintaining consistent weight loss more challenging, however, some of the best foods for helping you lose weight are high-fiber foods, which many people are surprised to learn are a form of carbohydrates.

    While certain foods may help, eating a balanced diet high in whole grains, lean proteins, and vegetables, along with increasing physical activity, is a better way to lose weight than limiting yourself to just one specific food list, says Daniela Novotny. Some foods, such as lean chicken, salmon, and cruciferous vegetables, can help facilitate weight loss because of the thermogenic effects of certain foods, as well as their high protein and fiber content, which may help you feel fuller for longer periods and consume fewer calories. Including crunchier cruciferous vegetables in your diet can help increase calories and fat burning due to the increased amount of work that your body has to do simply digesting food.

    Eggs are one of the foods that burn fat from the stomach and increase metabolism because of their high protein content, which increases metabolism and increases fullness. Another awesome thing about eggs, apart from being one of the most delicious breakfast foods that burn belly fat, is the fact that they provide all of the amino acids our bodies need to maintain overall health and for metabolic processes. Full of high-quality protein and fats that promote fullness, eggs are also high in biotin, a vitamin that helps your body process, move, and burn fat more effectively. Chicken also contains numerous B vitamins, which are necessary for the metabolism of protein, fats and carbohydrates.

    As one of the lowest-calorie foods to burn fat, eggs are packed with essential nutrients, including iodine and selenium — both of which may help to encourage faster metabolism. All this means eggs are a filling food that may help increase fat loss and prevent heart attacks. Eggs are also an excellent source of amino acids and sulfur components, which protect your liver and contribute to detoxification. Studies have shown that conjugated linoleic acid may aid in weight loss and accelerate fat burn for those who are overweight or obese.

    Stimulation may eventually work to modulate dietary intake in ways that support fat burning and weight loss. Adding foods that burn fat, like coconut oil, to our diets may also boost feelings of fullness, encouraging a natural tendency toward weight loss. Whether by turning off fat genes, helping to build muscles that take energy away from fat cells, boosting metabolism and your fat-burning abilities, or helping you to feel fuller for longer, thus eating fewer calories, these foods have been shown to show increased rates of fat loss.

    Oats are one example of whole grains which are good for your body in a number of ways, not just amongst the foods that burn fat quickly, but oats are high in fiber, which helps us to feel fuller longer. Whether the fat-burning foods are consumed as snacks on the go, or used as ingredients in a main meals, nuts and seeds have the ability to help the body boost its metabolism. Many nuts and seeds also provide dietary fiber; as we mentioned, your body has to sweat to digest fiber, and will burn extra calories during the process.

    High in antioxidants and vitamins, studies have shown that blueberries can modulate fat burning and fat storage, thanks to high levels of phytochemicals in them, and raspberries are packed with fiber that is good for your bowels, helping you to feel fuller longer. This cereal helps burn fat thanks to boasting more than eight grams of belly-filling fiber; one study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that just increasing how much fiber you eat daily (to 30 grams) while keeping calories the same can help you lose weight, lower blood pressure, and improve the way your body responds to insulin, just as effectively as more complex diets that attempt to completely overhaul your whole diet. As for losing weight, green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an antioxidant that can boost metabolism and boost fat-burning, says Rajsree Nambudripad. The staying power means that green tea can increase your metabolism — how fast you burn calories — thereby burning more body fat.

    The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon come with a host of benefits, and some studies show that they may increase metabolism, muscle building, and fat loss – although studies are conflicting. According to a recent study presented at the annual Endocrine Society meeting, researchers found that as proteins are digested and broken down into amino acids in your body, one of these amino acids — phenylalanine — causes hormones to trigger, which helps decrease appetite, ultimately leading to fat burning and weight loss.

    While the term fat-burning foods is not exactly accurate — unfortunately, there is no short-cut to a lean body — it is true that prioritizing specific, nutrient-dense foods in your diet can keep you satisfied, satiated, and fuelled throughout your weight-loss journey. Generally, nutrient-dense foods loaded with fiber, healthful fats and protein will provide greater satisfaction compared to nutritionally-poor foods.

    If you just want to keep the same healthy weight you have, eating a few low-fat foods may make that easier. If you are looking to make a healthy weight loss, these foods can help you say goodbye to belly fat and hello to a leaner, more fit physique. Fat-burning snacks like nuts are better at satisfying your hunger and curbing your appetite than others like chocolates or chips.


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