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How To Burn Lower Belly Fat?

    A Man Holding His Tummy

    How to Get Rid of Low Body Fat With Exercise HiIT High-intensity interval training, otherwise known as HIIT, has been linked with lower body fat in adults who are heavier. Research in 2011 suggests that HIIT can decrease body fat more efficiently than other types of exercise.

    Try Strength Training Strength training may decrease body fat, as it is focused on building muscle, which burns more calories than fat. Aerobic training burns calories when you are doing it, but strength training builds lean muscle mass, which increases your resting metabolism, so your body burns more calories throughout the day. Because muscles are more metabolically active than fat, the more muscles you have, the more calories you will burn at rest. Muscle burns more calories at rest compared to body fat, and that results in losing that lower abdominal fat that has been bothering you.

    Reduced fat-burning properties and metabolism will cause your body not to be able to burn a majority of the calories that you eat, and the result is that the excess calories are stored in the stomach, leading to lower stomach fat. The reason why stomach fat increases is because eating fructose in large amounts may decrease the fat-burning properties in humans, as well as in your metabolism. Women tend to store fat in their lower abdomen due to hormonal, genetic, and aging reasons, and it may be hard to cut it down in some cases.

    This can be extremely frustrating to individuals who have lost weight on other parts of their body, but are still struggling to lose weight from their lower belly through exercise. Remember, you cannot target your weight loss; therefore, you need to lose your total weight to be able to lose lower stomach fat. You can tone your abdominal muscles by doing crunches or other targeted abdominal exercises, but simply doing those exercises wonat eliminate your stomach fat. Sure, these types of exercises will help to build up the muscles in your abdomen, and they can also tone it, but it is not going to move up the layers of fat that sit on top.

    Specific exercises like the Toned Crunch can strengthen your abdominal muscles, but it is not going to really shift the fat sitting above your abdominals. Exercises such as cardio, yoga, and crunches may tone your muscles and build stronger lower abs, but exercises like cardio are not going to erase the fat deposits. This means targeted exercises–such as crunches and sit-ups–will not necessarily burn more stomach fat than other exercises. Instead, Luke Hughes recommends an undulating bodyweight workout or using free weights and performing high-intensity kettlebell exercises, because an undulating bodyweight workout will help to burn calories and build muscle, which will, in turn, access your bodys fat stores — even within a time limit.

    To burn fat, perform some type of HIIT, or cardio, workout first, then progress into the other exercises, such as those listed below. Since your goal is to lose weight, opt for exercises that will boost your metabolism and get you burning lots of fat. If you are not eating well, have reached your menopause, or are not losing weight, you need to perform these exercises. Wait to get cleared by a physician before jumping into any type of diet and exercise program.

    As you begin losing fat around your stomach, your body is going to drop off the fat less quickly, so you need to ramp up your intensity or length of training, says Tariq Belalij. The key is to lower overall body fat through moderate-intensity exercise and healthy eating; as you lower total body fat, you will reduce stomach fat, too. Visceral fat responds to the same strategies for eating and exercising that will help you lose excess pounds and lower total body fat. Making key diet changes and doing the right types of exercises can lower visceral fat levels.

    Diets for getting rid of excess abdominal fat Consuming more calories than you expend may make you more prone to developing Visceral fat. If you overeat and underexercise, you are more likely to store excess body fat – including belly fat. When you have less protein in your diet, you are likely to gain weight — and especially stomach fat — than someone who has lots of protein in their diet.

    Well, when you drink alcohol, the liver burns the alcohol instead of the fat, which can cause fat accumulation over long periods of time. When your body routinely gets more calories than it needs to burn for energy, the excess gets stored as fat for later. If you exercise first thing in the morning, before eating the first meal of the day, you may be able to boost your fat-burning calories.

    Focus on low-calorie foods One of the most effective ways to lose body fat is by eating fewer calories than the body burns. Burning these extra calories helps you reach and maintain a healthy weight, along with regular cardiovascular activity and eating a healthy diet. Lifting weights and doing bodyweight exercises builds lean muscle tissue, which increases the total amount of calories burned by your body — even while at rest.

    Exercises that raise your heart rate and get you to sweat tend to help you lose overall body fat — both the visceral fat under your skin and the subcutaneous fat. Developing an exercise routine that works your entire body, including your stomach, may help with weight loss. Examples of exercises that are effective when it comes to losing that lower abdominal fat are Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Kettlebell Swings, Lunges, Sprints, Jump Ropes, etc(6). According to the latest research, rather than working out for hours or running for miles, doing short bursts of intense activity is extremely beneficial for losing that stubborn body fat (2), (4).

    Either way, giving your body regular, long breaks from eating seems to be beneficial in total fat loss. Yes, you can lose belly fat simply by cutting calories and not exercising, but that is much more difficultA and it is something that most people cannot maintain. It is not uncommon to develop loose skin or a further fat layer on the abdomen post-pregnancy, particularly if you had a Cesarean birth.


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