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Does Coffee And Lemon Burn Fat

    Regarding TikToks lemon cafe drinking trend for losing weight, we are not quite sure who started this. Another coffee mix-in making its rounds on TikTok is a coffee-lemon smoothie, that some users have claimed can help people lose weight. Fans of the Coffee Lemon Weight Loss Challenge claim drinking instant coffee squished into a lemon each morning for 28-30 days will help you to lose weight.

    A mixture of both black coffee and lemon juice in the morning can work together to burn fat from the stomach area and help you shed the weight efficiently. If you really substituted one highly caloric morning beverage–say, the Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte–with an unsweetened lemon-black coffee, then yes, there could be some weight-loss benefits.

    Most people drink some combination of lemon and coffee, believing that this may speed up weight-loss. The most common mix seems to be half of the lemon juice squeezed into a standard cup of black coffee.

    The idea is that you blend one cup of coffee with fresh lemon juice, sliced, and then you drink it. When you mix the two, the recommendation is to add one lemons juice to 240ml of coffee. A newer, more recent trend suggests mixing 1 cup (240ml) of coffee with 1 lemons juice.

    To see whether drinking coffee with lemon may provide additional health benefits, it is useful to think about both in isolation. Since coffee and lemon have several proven health benefits on their own, you might be wondering if drinking them together offers additional benefits.

    Registered Dietician Helen Shannon says, Both coffee and lemons have numerous proven health benefits, mostly attributed to their high antioxidant content. Both coffee and lemon are known for containing high levels of antioxidants, protecting your body against the detrimental effects of excess amounts of free radicals. While coffee, which is stimulant, helps speed up your metabolism and boosts your mood, lemons promote fullness, lower the number of calories you consume each day, are great sources of Vitamin C, and may even protect against the damage caused by free radicals.

    While both fresh lemon juice and coffee have health benefits, adding lemon juice to coffee does not cause significant weight loss, registered dietitian Laura Hamilton, MA, RD, CSP, LD, from Nutrition Now, told POPSUGAR. The only way lemons might aid in weight loss, registered dietitian Laura Hamilton said, is if adding lemons to water helps you drink more, so perhaps. There is not really any extra benefit that comes from adding lemon to water other than helping you drink more, she said. Plus, you are using such a tiny amount of lemon, so there is not a lot in terms of nutrient benefits.

    Lemon juices effects on blood sugar does not mean that it will help you lose weight, says one registered veteran dietitian, adding that a lemon-coffee mixture is questionable on its own as a dieting hack. Well, not only does the idea of squeezed lemon sour into a bitter cup of joe have less than no similar flavour appeal as adding cinnamon or chocolate, the acidity of lemon juice will coagulate any milk you have poured into the beverage.

    It is best to stay away from vitamin C-laced lemony coffee drinks to lose weight, as suggested by Tiktok users. Tiktok users are adding lemon juice into their morning coffees hoping that this will help them lose weight, but this trend does not seem to hold up. Well, a supposed weight-loss tip has been stirring up social media buzz this week, with one TikTok user suggesting adding lemon juice to their coffee could help burn fat more quickly. A UK dietitian has slammed that claim outright…but, as the seasoned registered dietitian told us, depending on how you look at it, it is entirely possible that some people might actually see a bit of change on their weight-loss weighing scales as a result of one of these purported weight-loss tricks.

    People claim that you can achieve a flatter stomach by adding lemon juice to black coffee, and then drinking it in the morning, empty-bellied, and some have even boasted about how much weight they have lost after using this method. Videos of people trying out the mixture have become commonplace on platforms such as TikTok, and searches for coffee, lemon, and weight loss have increased significantly in the past year. Uploads such as the one posted by Hilda Ama Braso, showing the TikTokker drinking the brewed coffee and lemon juice on day three of the diet, received thousands of likes. The additions are creating a pretty big buzz on TikTok…and not just because of the caffeine in a cup of coffee.

    Many controversial comments and reviews and can be seen under the #lemoncoffee hashtag, which has over 7.5 million views as of this posting. That has not stopped the tide of TikTok users from mixing instant coffee with hot water and lemon juice, sucking it down with comical scowls plastered across their faces, and advocating the drink as a quick, easy way to lose weight. Many TikTokers are trying to do everything they can to convince the social media community that adding lemon to your coffee is the ultimate secret for losing weight.

    A handful of social media users have been sworn by claiming a splash of lemon into their coffee has helped them shed some pounds. Called lemon cafe, many TikTok users say that they lost weight in the seven days after drinking it. Adding to the body-loss paraphernalia, the latest trend on TikTok suggests adding a splash of lemon juice into black coffee helps to lose excess pounds. If you have seen lemon coffee challenges popping up across TikTok, in which fresh lemon juice (or lime) is squeezed into black coffee, you will know people are saying that the tip has helped them flatten out their bellies and slim down.


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