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Does Cardio Burn Belly Fat?

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    It is not only the best aerobic exercise for burning belly fat, it is the most cost-effective for burning fat while preserving muscle. It is great belly fat cardio to do, easy to fit into a routine, and it helps to burn off that belly fat.

    While cardio may be great for overall activity and heart health, it is important to ramp up the intensity and vary when trying to burn belly fat. This type of exercise is great for fat loss because it helps you burn more calories, pure and simple. While you do not necessarily need cardio to lose weight, cardio is one of the best, fastest ways to burn calories. While any typical physical activity will help your caloric expenditure for fat loss, certain types of cardio are better at burning belly fat than others.

    Cardio burns lots and lots of calories, and eating less calories than you burn is what causes weight loss. That is because, although cardio burns calories as you move, weight training actually helps your body continue burning more calories throughout the day and into the night (more on this below). Plus, muscles burn more calories than fat, so building muscles helps us burn more calories when we are at rest, which also helps with weight loss. Lifting weights helps to encourage growth hormone, which burns fat, and you will also be adding more muscle, which has the effect of making your body burn more calories, even at rest.

    Losing belly fat is essential for building a healthier body, and belly fat cardio helps to do that. If you maintain a healthy diet and get in an hour or more of cardio on most days of the week, that belly fat is going to be gone. The good news is, every aerobic exercise that you can fit into your day is going to help burn off that belly fat, though exactly how much aerobic exercise you need to do depends on many factors, one of the biggest being your diet. How much cardio you need to do to lose that belly fat depends, to a great extent, on how you eat; this is because it is easy to accidentally undo all of your hard physical work by making bad choices in the kitchen.

    When adaptations occur, you wind up burning less calories than you normally would with the same amount of work, and this is why most people who only do the same amount of cardio struggle to lose fat. Long-duration, steady-state cardio is not an effective way to burn fat — if your main goal is to lose fat, then you are better off doing something else. Most experts say that people need to do 150 minutes (or 2.5 hours) of aerobic activity a week in order to maintain or lose a little bit of fat, or simply stay healthy. Tip For many, eating a nutritious, calorically appropriate diet and doing around 60 minutes of cardio on most days of the week is sufficient for fat loss.

    Just remember to combine your cardio routine with a regular weightlifting routine and a sound eating plan, because those things will help both accelerate the process and make sure that you are not simply going thin-fat at the end of your fat-loss journey, says Jeremy Ethier. Once you are ready to commit to a healthier diet and you are willing to utilize cardio to back up your fat loss efforts, heres how you can do that. If running heart-pounding miles or doing high-octane cardio sessions simply are not your speed, there are other ways to get lean body fat without cardio. Cardio exercises are among the best exercises you can do if you are looking to lose body fat, as they typically burn more calories than other types of exercises.

    Cardio, like spinning or sprinting, is an excellent way to lose fat overall, as cardio burns calories and helps to get your body in a caloric deficit. Cardio helps reduce fat across the entire body, making you thinner everywhere including the belly, abs, and love handles. Any exercise that burns calories is beneficial to our well-being — some studies, though, suggest aerobic exercises are best at burning fat. It is best to incorporate at least 30 minutes of aerobic or aerobic cardio into your routine for belly fat reduction.

    Make sure you get regular strength training and, last, but definitely not least, do cardio exercises, and you will lose fat from your midsection quickly. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the combined exercise approach, including cardio at a minimum of 1 1/2 hours per week, combined with strength training, is essential to losing belly fat. Both certified personal trainers Ashley Kelly and Grinceri suggest that you balance your cardio and strength workouts during the week, because while cardio–heart-pumping activity–is not the fastest way to lose fat, it is still crucial to overall health; a 2016 Journal of Internal Medicine study found that cardio such as walking, climbing stairs, biking, and swimming reduces the incidence of type-2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, falls, osteoporotic fractures, and depression. While cardio plays an important role in living a healthier lifestyle, it is not the most efficient way to lose weight.

    While cardio–heart-pumped exercise–does wonders for getting your heart rate up, it does not build muscle like resistance training does, nor does it burn calories as fast and effectively as HIIT; in fact, cardio actually breaks muscle down if you do it too often and without proper fuel. One of the reasons that running is often touted as a great weight-loss exercise is because it is a great calorie burner, but when it comes specifically to targeting fat, it may actually be doing more harm than good, as you will discover below. The National Institutes of Health recommends cutting back on calories between 500 and 750 calories/day in order to see about 1-2 pounds per week in weight loss, but you can complement this – or substitute for this – with an increase in calories burned by doing aerobic exercises.


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