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Does Biking Burn Belly Fat

    Many people think exercise bikes burn stomach fat, and while there is a bit of truth in this, there are other factors at play in whether or not an exercise bike is best for weight loss. As you adopt biking as a new habit, or consider taking up bike riding to commute, you might be wondering whether biking is good for belly fat loss, or whether it can actually decrease stomach fat. It is important that you learn about how biking helps trim inches from the abdomen, and when you should ride your bike if you want to accelerate weight loss results.

    It is easy to pack unwanted body fat around your waistline, but getting on the bike can help shift that extra pounds, while also losing stomach fat, helping you to become more fit and lean. Other ways to keep your bike workouts challenging and more likely to shave off that belly fat are by working with resistance bands and hand weights as you ride.

    If you cannot commit to a 30-minute stationary biking session all at once, you can break it down to 10-minute intervals and still reap the benefits for your health and burning calories that will help reduce your belly fat. Doing biking every day will help you burn more calories, meaning that you can shed body fat stored in the body, including your abdominal fat. Cycling for 30 minutes is a great way to begin your weight loss journey, depending on your bodyweight, 30 minutes of biking will burn about.05 pounds. You can burn the energy contained in 20 pounds (9kg) of body fat by riding moderately every weekday for 1 hour over a period of 6 months.

    If you weigh 150 pounds and decide to ride at 12mph, you will burn around 540 calories in an hour. Equal means that to lose a pound of fat, you would need to burn 3500 calories more than you eat. According to Mayo Clinic (3), it takes about 3,500 calories for an otherwise healthy person to successfully lose a pound of fat. On average, mountain bikers will burn 500 calories during a ride lasting under one hour, which is heavily affected by rider weight and the intensity of the ride.

    Riding bikes burns stomach fat if we use more energy while biking compared to energy that we get from our daily meals. Our genes and hormones are also linked to where we carry our bodyweight, meaning that some of us may have difficulty burning stomach fat in particular.

    As you can see, not eating any more calories and starting to ride your bike, will begin to reduce your belly fat, but remember you have to be in a caloric deficit to make it happen. We can say if you want to lose belly fat, you have to reduce the fat on the whole body, and mountain biking is a good way to do this, but you have to ride regularly and eliminate unhealthy food habits like eating fast food, drinking alcohol, or drinking sugary drinks.

    It also means that losing any amount of body fat helps reduce visceral fat. Exercise, particularly cardio, helps to reduce the visceral fat located in your deep abdomen, while gaining lean muscle. Doing at least 30 minutes of exercise every day helps burn off the visceral fat, if combined with a low-calorie diet. To lose weight, you will want to perform exercises that increase heart rate, which helps burn fat more quickly.

    The reason why some people use speed cycling is because they want to lose some weight more quickly, by maximizing their burn of stored fat. Fasted riding is a proven method of helping the body burn more fat. Fasted cycling may help you burn more calories than exercising on an empty stomach, but if you are eating as much food as before your workout, it is really not going to help you lose weight.

    Cycling also helps boost your metabolism, so you may burn even more calories than usual over the course of the day. As you can see, biking really does burn a pretty impressive number of calories when compared with other common forms of exercise.

    You can burn as many as 1,000 calories an hour while biking, though you will have to pedal pretty hard to get there. Riding a bike burns about 500 calories each cycling session, which puts you well on your way to meeting your weekly exercise goals for the average person. It is not designed for weight loss, but it will get rid of some fat in the belly.

    While this will not cause you to lose belly fat, it will build up muscle in the upper body and will make you appear more proportional (cycles are targeted solely at your legs), it may also cause you to have flatter tummy. While your abdominal muscles are not working quite as hard as your quads or glutes while biking, cyclings aerobic nature means that fat is being burned.

    Studies have shown that after only 10-30 seconds of intense activity, your body will also release HGH, which helps burn fat and keep muscle. The American Council on Exercise suggests that interval training burns more calories in less time and increases fat-burning hormones. Any type of exercise that burns calories is beneficial to our health — some studies, though, suggest aerobic training is best at burning fat.

    The results show aerobic exercise is better at burning fat from your stomach than resistance exercise. One study showed that overweight participants who exercised with high-intensity training in two workout sessions a week, and at low-to-moderate intensity in the other three sessions, lost more stomach fat than participants who did lower-to-moderate-intensity exercise in all sessions. The good news is we have shown that biking is actually very effective in burning calories, and thus fat.

    Including bike sprints regularly in your workout routine, in combination with cutting down your caloric intake, will burn fat and make you more toned at your midsection. One benefit to people looking to lose weight, especially around their midsection, is that, by engaging the cardiovascular muscles, stationary biking may hit those difficult-to-reach fat cells. For instance, someone who has a pear-shaped body is going to gain weight around the middle, regardless of how many calories they expend, so focusing on exercises that may help decrease fat stored around the middle is really no use.


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