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Do Planks Burn Fat?

    Do Planks Burn Fat?

    Overall, the Plank is one of the worst exercises that you can do for your calories burned, thus your stomach fat loss. In short, planks really help burn off a little bit of body fat, and therefore potentially some stomach fat, but in terms of losing lots of stomach fat in a short period of time, planks are relatively bad exercises.

    While there is not one specific exercise that will only burn stomach fat, any exercise can help lower total body fat if done regularly and combined with a healthy diet. With the combination of a healthy, caloric-controlled diet and exercise, you can lower fat in the belly region, strengthen the muscles of your abdomen, and flatten out the belly. Of course, there are a variety of different exercises you can do to strengthen your muscles in the abdominal region.

    Without boring you too much about core muscle specifics, just know that there are many essential muscles surrounding your spine that are strengthened by Plank exercises such as these. By holding your body rigidly in the plank position, you are strengthening your core, which are the muscles that connect the lower and upper body.

    Lift the body up in the plank position while resting your weight on your elbows (which are bent below the shoulders) and toes. To perform the plank, you should be carrying all the weight in the body with your arms bent, your toes pointed inward.

    Since this exercise is designed to mainly burn stomach fat, dropping your abdomen down when holding this position will be ineffective. The main goal of planks is to burn belly fat, so lowering your stomach while holding a plank position will not produce the desired results. Including a plank in your abs routine has a lot of benefits (this Plank Workout is SO GOOD), but a plank is not the best choice if you are looking to lose belly fat.

    It is for all levels of fitness, and will undoubtedly build up your core, but it is of little use if you are trying to lose stomach fat. While it might appear like planks are geared towards your stomach, the truth is, this is an exercise that, while keeping you in one position, is incredibly comprehensive and far more challenging than you might ordinarily expect. That is because The Plank is a relatively simple exercise, isolating a small, naturally weak muscle group, and its job is stability, not power generation. In short, a plank exercise has the potential to dramatically improve the size of your muscles as a whole, making it an impressively efficient exercise.

    Planks are an amazing way to challenge your whole body, as doing them daily burns more calories than other traditional abdominal exercises like crunches or sit-ups. Partially because they are so easy to incorporate into your routine, but also because they may help you burn a few extra calories while building some lean mass. Planks build muscle and boost your metabolism, which helps keep you burning a higher rate of calories while resting. They are an excellent addition to a well-rounded workout regimen, including aerobic training.

    They are easy to do, and they activate all your muscles, including the core, shoulders, glutes, etc. Planks are a better choice for those who have weak knees, as they do not stress your knees. Planks are a perfect abdominal muscle exercise because the plank activates all major core muscle groups, including your transverse abdominus, rectus abdominus, external oblique, and glutes. Planks are perfect for burning belly fat because they activate several muscles simultaneously, increasing your metabolism rate, and promoting core strength.

    Crunches and planks work your abdominal muscles, helping you burn calories and shave off excess midsection fat. Both exercises target the muscles in your abdominals and help you shed fat, but the plank works the other muscles along with your abdominals, while crunches work just the abdominals. Try Planks and Crunches, the two staple exercises for cutting stomach fat and toned abs.

    If burning belly fat is your primary focus, it might be wise to include some of these other bodyweight exercises specifically to build more muscle into your program as well. Planks may help to burn fat over the long run, as your body gets more toned and metabolism increases, however, as discussed earlier, for calories burned, there are exercises like a cardio workout that burns the most fat.

    A single exercise, which will literally take just a couple minutes per day, can build up your core muscles, decrease injuries, boost your metabolism, and burn fat. The core muscles that you will be strengthening with daily practice of this exercise will make sure you are burning more energy, even while you are sitting down, as these are some of the largest muscles in your body.

    Intense exercises should be included to strengthen your core, with an emphasis on your abdominal muscles. Physical inactivity causes the buildup of visceral fat in the abdomen, increasing your risk for heart disease and other metabolic syndromes. While a variety of exercises can be used to target muscles in this area, crunches and planks are always high on the list.

    In the case of the stomach, the planks will help to slightly bulk up your abs, but there are better exercises, such as the Sit-ups. Doing planks is the kind of exercise that allows you to build muscles but at the same time, ensures you are not placing too much stress on your spine or your butt. While the basic, conventional plank is a great way to begin your weight-loss journey, you can multiplied by trying out some of these complex variations, which engage multiple muscle groups during the exercise, increase heart rate, and obviously burn more calories.

    Planks are one of the best exercises that can help strengthen your core, spine, arms, back, and shoulders. This plank helps you get good posture and easy movements for building strong core and better balance. Now, if you have got a thick layer of fat in-between the muscles in your abdomen and your skin on the stomach, you will want to note that planks require no raiding of these fat stores in order for your small stabilizing muscles to function.


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